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"End of Service" for fRo

Dear players,

as you might have notices, Whybe Online will end the service for fRo on August 12th, 2019.
(Newslink "End of Service")

If you are still searching for an alternative, and the Revo-Classic-Server (see News) does not appeal to you, maybe the MMO I am playing right now might fit you.
Since a couple of years I am playing

Elder Scrolls Online

on the european server for PC/Mac.
Maybe this Video can give you the answer if it might be for you as well:

(german video "Lohnt sich TESO?")
(french video "The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) - Devriez-vous y jouer en 2019")

Short detail on business model:
  • buy the basegame once (Pay2play) for about 10€ (or see info below) and you can play the rest of the servers lifetime for free.
  • premium (ESO+) grants access to all DLC (additional dungeons and some areas) which can also be bought separately instead. Also you get an infinite crafting bag as well as a bunch of crowns (basically ESO-Karat)
  • effectively no Pay2win from itemshop - most stuff is purely cosmetic/housing, only some timesaver might be considered pay2win at all.
  • Expansins (chapter) with new areas or classes may be bought separately (like in WoW and FFIV) but are not required to continue playing

For beginners there is a very nice offer - basegame including the chapters Morrowind and Summerset (but not the newest, Elsweyr)bundled with 3 months of ESO+ for a price less than the expansions alone.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Premium Edition [PC] on Amazon

The link is an affiliatelink, meaning if you click it and buy something afterwards on amazon - no matter what you buy - I get a small kickback.
Your price will not change, of course!

Maybe we see each other on the servers!

mfg Paul / Hell Hound / LePrau

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